Full moon celebration in Bali – perfect energy for our work at the 2011 retreat

During the time that we shall all be in Bali there will be a Full Moon on May 17th. This will have two special significances: firstly it will give us a chance to experience a ceremony, and secondly, we can tap into and use its power for our work.

Beautiful Balinese women carry elaborate offerings on their heads as part of the ceremony

According to Balispirit.com hardly a day goes by in Bali without some kind of ceremony being celebrated as the Balinese honour all the cycles of life – baby ceremonies, puberty rites, weddings, cremations, Temple festivals. Balinese religion (called Agama Hindu Dharma) consist of three primary elements: Hinduism based on what is practiced in India but differing substantially from those traditions, animism (where every living thing has a soul) and ancestor worship (the Balinese deify their ancestors after a proscribed process of cleansing has been done).  It is fascinating to witness and even more so to be a part of. We are hoping to take you all to the Moon Temple for the evening ceremony where Balinese locals will be in their finest attire, a market will be laid out and two orchestras will be playing. It is a very special experience and the atmosphere will be electric.

Humans have an ancient and sacred relationship with the moon. Lunar calendars were probably the first method of time keeping and in fact the word month is derived from moon phase. The moon affects the tides, the way plants grow, as well as human fertility and behaviour. The Full Moon is a time when the Moon is at its most powerful, and its influence is most potent.  This is the ideal time for healing, guidance, and completion.  In Bali, the full moon, known as Purnama, is considered a good day for planting, especially for plants that bear fruit. So very often people will delay planting until the day of the full moon, when they are more assured of successful harvest.  This will have added significance for the work you will be doing on your life  and business plans.

Some people also believe that to bathe in water perfumed by the fragrant petals of the frangipani flower under the light of the full moon will wash away your sins, while ensuring that you will remain youthfully attractive. That will do for us won’t it!!!

A photojournalist has created a beautiful blog about his experience of a Full Moon ceremony in Bali …… if you want to find out more then check it out here.

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